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Unicorn Skull Ring - Sterling Silver

Unicorn Skull Ring - Sterling Silver

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Unicorns and skulls, combined into one majestic ring. As a symbol of freedom, beauty and courage, the unicorn is a beloved icon for the support of personal power. Skulls meanwhile, represent change, transformation and transcendence, much like the unicorns that exist between worlds. Symbolic of love and acceptance, the mystical lives of unicorns inspire us to believe in magic and to take that leap of faith to believe in them, and also ourselves.

This piece is hand carved and cast is solid sterling silver.

Ring measures approx. 2" high from bottom of skull to top of horn. Front of ring measures approx. 3/4" wide. Ring shank tapers to roughly 1/4" at narrowest point.
As these are all individually handmade, some slight variations may occur.

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