The Artist

I am Noryne Hiromoto Taylor and I've been making jewelry for over 20 years.

My jewelry is modern elegance with a unique edge, pieces that flow easily with your life, your outlook, your aesthetic. It's the connections with people that I value the most, and I feel honored to have my jewelry bring even that smallest bit of meaning and joy into so many lives.

I am a jeweler because I enjoy wearing my thoughts. 

When I first started making jewelry many years ago, it felt like I had finally found my language. This craft allowed me to draw from my life and create tangible icons to share with others. My pieces are bits of who I am, how I think, and what I feel.

This is the underlying theme of my work: to communicate with my fellow humans, to share my personal take on life and to forge a feeling of unity, understanding and experience.

I was fortunate enough to be awarded a fellowship to Haystack Mountain School of Crafts for a summer session early on in my career, and the experience was a turning point. It was a validation to me. I was okay doing what I was doing. It was okay to be an artist, and yes, I was indeed an artist. 

Since then it has been a rewarding path, lined with the occasional juried art show, gallery sales and many, many valued encounters with people from all over the world. I was blessed to teach metalworking at my son’s school. I’ve led workshops at retreats. I was interviewed for television as well as for magazines. I have so much more that I want to say and I believe in the power of art to not only soothe souls, but also help us uncover ways to better express what we experience inside.