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Hawaiian Fishhook Pendant Solid Sterling Silver

Hawaiian Fishhook Pendant Solid Sterling Silver

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The Hawaiian fishhook was traditionally made from wood, shell or bone, and was a vital part of Hawaiian culture. Those practiced in the art of fishing were able to provide for their families and ensure their health and survival. These vital tools came to represent luck, strength and prosperity and over time were worn as pieces of personal adornment. When carved from bone, they were even felt to have a spiritual link with ancestors.

This fishhook is crafted from solid sterling silver and adorned with symbolic representations of the ocean, mountains, fish, and cycle of life. Symbols are carved on both sides of fishhook.

Pendant is available with or without chain, please select your option from the choices above.

Completely handmade on Maui, Hawaii.

Pendant measures approximately 2" L x 1" W.

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