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Green Diamond and 18k Gold Lace Coral Ring

Green Diamond and 18k Gold Lace Coral Ring

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Feel the energy of the ocean with this finely detailed Lace Coral Ring in solid 18k gold.

Brilliant green faceted diamonds highlight eight areas of the coral topography, contrasting and complimenting the rich gold color.

Lace coral are delicate and fragile, and are one of about fifty species of coral found in the shallow waters surrounding the islands of Hawaii. They are live animals and exist in a fine balance with other marine life, providing homes to sea creatures while also contributing to the structure of reefs. In Hawaiian culture they are believed to be the first life formed, the beginning of life itself.

Be reminded of the importance of coral in the underwater ecosystem and enjoy its unique beauty. Entirely handmade on Maui, Hawaii.

Ring face measures approximately 1" x 1"
Green diamonds: approx. .25 ctw

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