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Mood Rings

Mood Rings

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I made these rings for the last Art Maui juried show and they surprisingly did make it in. Called "Mood Rings," they break it down to the basics. I'll have newer versions of these rings available for purchase soon. Keep checking in!

This was the artist statement with the submission:

Mood Rings, 2020 Sterling silver

As a child of the 70’s, I have vivid memories of the fascination I felt gazing into the colored depths of my treasured mood ring. Flowing from deep indigo to rich amber, this oval stone revealed to me the nuances of my emotional life.

Pondering this memory, I created this diptych as a fun take on the old design. Rather than passively waiting and trying to interpret what that murky swirl of colors had to say about me, I would say it loud and clear, actively, and with the only two moods that mattered. 

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