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3 Flower Skull Ring - Sterling Silver

3 Flower Skull Ring - Sterling Silver

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A strong skull presence adorned with beautiful roses.

Skulls represent transformation and transition. Rebirth, renewal, and appreciation for what we already have. With this in mind, skulls should be decorated with the things that bring us the most joy in the word we know. 

The flowers on this skull are the Lokelani rose, or Maui rose, a beautifully fragrant variety and the official flower of the island of Maui. These roses are a wonderfully vibrant shade of pink, reflecting our official island color. 

This ring reminds me to remain grounded, and to savor all the gifts I have in my life. I am gently nudged to see all of the blessings in my world.

Ring measures approx. 1 1/8" high from bottom of skull to top of flower. Front of ring measures approx. 3/4" wide. Ring shank tapers to roughly 1/4" at narrowest point.

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