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18k Gold Kamehameha Butterfly Earrings

18k Gold Kamehameha Butterfly Earrings

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Graceful Kamehameha butterflies hang delicately from French earwires. Made of solid 18K yellow gold, these earrings have substance while remaining fun and elegant.

This particular butterfly is special as it is one of only two endemic butterfly species found in Hawaii. That means they live in no other place in the world. They are also the state insect of Hawaii and are being carefully watched and supported as their numbers are declining. Smaller and faster than the Monarch butterfly, these Kamehameha butterflies are a unique and beautiful treasure in the islands.

Butterflies symbolize rebirth and transformation. They serve as a reminder of growth, inner strength and the ability to adapt and reinvent in times of upheaval and uncertainty.
Being pushed to change can be a powerful tool. We are challenged and yet come out on top, ready to face life like the butterfly: focused, beautiful and transformed.

The last photo shows these earrings below the Monarch butterfly ones, to give a size comparison between the two.

Butterflies measure approx. 3/8" long x 5/8" wide. 3/4" earring drop.

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